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Skillet Queso

I was just looking at the Chili's menu online for dinner ideas and came across their queso skillet. I whipped up this nice appetizer in my kitchen in less than 5 minutes using left over hamburgers from the grill, some cheese, salsa.

I love the skillet queso and chips. If you haven't had it, its basically a chili cheese dip, served with a basket of chips.

For a small skillet

  • Just brown some hamburger with taco seasoning or use a can of chili.
  • Add cheese. Either cheese dip, Velveta, or shredded taco cheese blend.
  • Add a bit of salsa.
  • Make sure the mixture stays thick for nice dipping.

The recipe below will fill a crockpot, but if you’re just having a few people over, it’s easy to half. I think this kind of hearty queso is best with Fritos.

Ingredients 20 oz (or so) ground hamburger meat 1 package Lawry’s taco seasoning (1 oz) 1 white onion, diced Fresh minced garlic – choose according to your taste – at least a few cloves 2 cans Rotel tomatoes and green chilies 2 blocks of Velveeta

Directions 1. Brown the hamburger meat with onion, minced garlic and taco seasoning 2. Dice Velveeta and place in crock pot on Medium 3. Add hamburger meat and Rotel 4. Stir occasionally until ingredients are mixed and enjoy

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